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Can you imagine the unexpected delight of going about your day, maybe even not a very good day, and discovering this little gift left just for you?


A tiny plushy bunny with a tag asking you to take him home. Maybe even a few of these people will follow the link on the bunny’s tag back here, and I can send them to the right place so they can make one of their own to share with someone else. And thus the bunnies can spread… well, like bunnies!


It’s a small thing, but a little bit of vigilante embroidery mixed with street art, and you can spread a tiny bit of bunny shaped joy to someone you’ve never met, and maybe make what was a grey day a little brighter. Plus, with your help, this project can spread from one to hundreds, maybe even thousands of bunnies all across the world!

I had such fun running around and leaving little bunnies around to hopefully bring joy to their unsuspecting new owners. They hid in museums, bookstores, theatre's, and cafes. I gave one to a friend to hide in theschool where she teaches, and I had one lovely moment when a waitress at a cafe spotted a bunny even before he was hidden, and asked about where it came from. Since it seemed to be a legitimate way of finding any other bunny, little bunny Neil got a new home right away! It was such fun to see what joy the little bunny could bring, and she assured me Neil will be well looked after. I also already got word that the two bunnies at the science museum were found! All the rest of the bunnies are scattered around and about waiting for their new homes.

I had such fun that I’m thinking I should keep a stash of bunnies in my bag at any given time, just so I can keep leaving them places! The little ones are so easy to throw in a purse or tuck in a pocket that I can take my bunny minions anywhere to spread a little bit of random joy.


If you found a bunny  you can  email your photo to  and maybe leave a note about where he started his adventure,feel free to add a photo of him in his new home! That way we can share in the delight of our growing bunny army. See? I told you I was into world domination. Through random acts of tiny bunnies.

It might work…

The best part?

You can buy a bunny here for the small amount of just £5 and I will leave him somewhere for you

EVERY single penny of your £5 will go towards POPPY EVAN'S fundraising for


 I will upload a picture here and on facebook and twitter so you can see your bunny starting out on his magical adventure, and maybe... even maybe his new owner will post a picture to me .... and it goes on x


Click below and you will see how much Poppy is raising for 



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